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Established in 2010, Xpress Plumbing is starting life as a small business supplying information and equipment for the Plumbing industry.

The concept is that with a country pulling itself out of recession many people are changing careers to suit the area they live in. I am currently learning all there is to know about the plumbing industry.

My aim is to have a base set up ready for when myself and others qualify to ensure a great future for new plumbers and an assurance that rogue traders will never call at Xpress Plumbing’s future customers.

With friends already established in domestic engineering we will be able to pool resources bringing a positive future to a new business, new recruits and new customers.

As a supplier first we will be moving into providing domestic plumbing projects over the next 2 years.

Xpress Plumbing will build a relationship with trustworthy contacts and source helpful information that will help it’s readers with plumbing questions.

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